Rural Broadband Event WiFi

From Craft Fair to Festival

Rural Broadband Event WiFi is essential for ensuring that attendees can stay connected and engaged throughout the event. One benefit of having a robust wifi network is that it can facilitate card payments at the event. Whether attendees are purchasing merchandise or food and drink, having reliable wifi ensures that transactions can be completed quickly and efficiently.

In addition to supporting card payments, event wifi is also crucial for live streaming. This is especially relevant for events that have a broad reach and are of interest to people who are unable to attend in person. A strong wifi network can support high-quality streaming, enabling viewers to have a seamless experience.

Overall, having an effective event wifi system in place can be a game-changing factor for event organizers. It can facilitate important tasks such as card payments, as well as open new opportunities for reaching wider audiences through live streams. 

Rural Broadband can cover just one stand to a whole music featival, craft fair or country show.

Looking to get WiFi at Your Event?

Ask the Team at Rural Broadband for a Quotation.

  • Check Availability of Local Internet Services

    Can we use local connections, mobile or do we need to use satellite, point to point connections and access points.

  • Survey Location via Plan or On-Site Visit

    We can get our clients a good idea on costa and coverage from a Map or Plan. But Often we like to visit the site to give the best solution.

  • Plan and Quote

    Once we have seen the site we can plan the WiFi areas for Card Machines / Bars / Backstage / Traders Main Gates etc as required.

  • Install Ready For Your Event

    We arrive and install then test ready for the Opening time for your Event.