Mobile 4G broadband has opened up a new world of connectivity options, giving you broadband on the move or faster broadband in areas that are not yet covered by the latest fibre optic or cable broadband services.


We are providers on the Better Broadband Scheme for 4G Internet.

We can supply you with sim cards from EE, O2 and Vodafone.


Covering events and festivals around the UK, our mobile satellite installations can be set up anywhere as long as there is power. Free Wi-Fi at your event means that you, your visitors and your performers will keep connected.


Wi-Fi hotspots are ideal for holiday parks, pubs, restaurants, cafes and even coaches. Using simple software controls you can manage individual usage and gather information when your customers login to Wi-Fi.

Why Choose Rural Broadband For 4G Internet?

Rural Broadband provide business and residential internet connections via 4G using the mobile networks of O2, EE and Vodafone. We can also offer business satellite services from Tooway. We can manage your 4G, satellite or Wi-Fi networks. Our wireless advertising solutions enabling retailers, venues and event location operators to leverage the growing availability of wide area wireless internet access to attract and communicate with customers at much lower cost.

In our modern connected world we require internet access for the multitude of mobile devices available everywhere Rural Broadband can help you achieve this. We also hire equipment for short or long term.
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Our satellite internet was poor and we went looking for an alternative. The people at Rural understood what I needed to run my business and got us working within a week. Delightful people.

Ian Reid
FBR Servicing

Dealing with the big mobile networks can be a real headache. Rural Broadband took over our EE contract and provides a simple and responsive way of handling our mobile contract, all with no extra cost to our company.

James Howells
Turning Factor

‘I was sceptical but desperate. The 2mbps I as getting was useless and at 4km from the Openreach cabinet, nothing was going to improve in the short term. So I agreed to give a Rural Broadband 3G router a try. It was amazing with a tenfold improvement in download speed. Then EE upgraded the nearby mast and now that same router is giving me more than 90mbps download speed. I’m converted!’

Robert Ashton

Richard has the rare ability to make technology seem simple. To move away from that reassuring (but painfully slow) copper wire to using mobile or satellite broadband can be scary. Richard is reassuring, confident totally trustworthy. Richard can quite literally open your eyes to a wider world – all you have to do is trust him and he will make it happen!

Rob Ashton

Dear Richard, Firstly I would like to say Thank you for supplying us with broadband at the Royal Norfolk show. This enabled us to show customers our used stock on our website, Quote customers but also to use our vehicle configurator. The following weekend we had no broadband on the Sunday and you came out at 8:30am and installed the router which kept us trading and not losing any sales. The cost was very resonable and the service you provided was 1st Class. I will not hesitate in recommending you and your company in the future. Thanks again.

Martin Seal
Duff Morgan

I would recommend this mobile broadband router to others because it provides instantaneous access to the internet whenever and wherever you need it. The benefit of working with Rural Broadband is the personalised service, the speed of response to any queries and their after-sales support is second-to-none.

Martin Llewellyn

I referred Richard to a good friend. Without hesitation the work was undertaken and a great resulting connection achieved. Thank you. Phil Burton

Phillip Burton

Richard set me up with 4G broadband for my holiday caravan at Heacham South Beach. Up to 16Mbps, more than fast enough. Plus I get to run a telephone line off it as well. Very helpful, great advice, v recommended.

Derek Gilfillan

When we moved into our new office in early December, we found we’d be without internet for a week. Fortunately Richard Dix from Rural Broadband kindly sent us a mobile router so we could get online! We were impressed by the device.

Seb Atkinson

Thank you for all your help, the event went very well. Chris (I believe this was the chaps name) was more than helpful and couldn’t do enough to make everything possible. All our Wi-Fi was set up prior to the event happening to make sure that all was working, the service was very professional and nothing was to much, the staff were very kind and we had no problems with our Wi-Fi although I’m positive that if we did Rural Broadband would have us up and running again in no time, we will definitely be using you again next year. Brilliant Service, Brilliant back up. Thank you!!!

Rob Sykes

If you are going to use Tooway and you are in East Anglia I still recommend Rural Broadband very highly after 3 years of service with them they are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Richard or one of the team replied very quickly to any questions I may have. I may be getting fibre soon, but if you can’t then talk to Rural Broadband. PS May 2015

Good service over last 3 years

We have been very impressed with the performance of the mobile router. It’s really hard coming to terms with mobile 3G broadband being so much better than our home, copper phone line based service. But better it certainly is. We would have no hesitation at all in recommending this device to anyone looking for a good mobile broadband product or for anyone struggling with poor broadband at home, particularly in rural areas. Rural computing have been particularly helpful and supportive and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

Ken Eastwood

The Asus router gave me 4G on EE when I was on the edge of the coverage map. My phone was not showing 4G, but I got over 30 meg speed and I’m delighted with the product and the service given to me by Rural Broadband.

Chris Mace