Extending Your Wifi To The Garden Office

Outside wifi

More and more people are taking the opportunity to work from home and, with this in mind, we are finding that people need a quiet space to work away from the main home; this is where the home garden office comes in. The garden office is generally formed by converting a summerhouse, garage or shed…

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Tenda Home Wi-Fi Review

New Tenda Nova Whole Home WiFi Review. Available from RuralBroadband.co.uk on 01485 572253 Can be self installed or Rural Broadband can install for you. The system consists of three identical units, one of which you connect to your cable or fibre modem via an ethernet cable (supplied) you then configure this unit via the app to get…

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Rural Agri-Tech

  Rural Broadband (an offshoot of Rural Computing) was started by Richard Dix in 2011 and is based on the family farm at Heacham in West Norfolk. Richard trained at Easton College during the late 80’s just as the early computer management systems were introduced on to farms. He was also involved in early on…

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M2M? Whats it all about?

Machine to Machine (M2M) is a broad term which refers to devices communicating with each other to share information without human intervention. For example, M2M could play a vital role in retail. If a fridge is experiencing technical issues there is the possibility it could stop working, causing the food in it to spoil. This…

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BDUK Satellite Broadband – Better Broadband Scheme

SES 20M20 ValuePlus Pro Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband is different Satellite broadband does have its differences – as you’d expect from a technology which reaches properties that traditional networks simply can’t. But it’s available anywhere and almost immediately – it’s entirely up to you. Here’s what you need to know about what’s different with a satellite broadband service. Data allowances First off,…

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Tips for reducing data usage on Apple hardware.

Image depicting 30% increased sales from having a wi -fi hotspot

Tips for reducing data usage on Apple hardware. The four Macs, six iOS devices, Apple TV, VoIP telephone, and numerous other connected devices in the house present a challenge. Unplugging the satellite modem would have worked, but at considerable inconvenience. Instead, I decided to take multiple less-draconian measures: Turn off automatic updates. So far this month,…

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Agri-Tech East Member

Our Boss Richard started his working life on his family farm after 3 years at Easton Agricultural College. In this time (mid 80’s) he was working with Apple ][ computers recording Pig Herd data and worked on early collar transponder feeding for cattle and sow feeding. When the farm closed Richard ran Positive Computing an…

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Our WiFi Routers Support TP-LINK Tether

At Rural Broadband we use TP Link Routers for our satellite services. You can control these with a simple mobile App. TP-LINK Tether for Archer C20i TP-LINK Tether provides the easiest way to access and manage your wifi network with your iOS or Android devices. Download Tether for Android Download Tether for iOS TP-LINK Tether…

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Data Saving on your Connection

Google recently added another way to reduce your PC’s bandwidth demands when you’re on any connection, where every megabyte counts, such as metered satellite. Chrome users can now add a new extension called Data Saver  from the Chrome Web Store that compresses web pages on Google servers before delivering them to your PC, a feature that…

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Satellite broadband and the benefits for rural areas

In response to calls for it to be broken up BT recently announced a new plan to deliver a minimum of 5-10Mb broadband speeds for those who cannot get fibre. Often that applies to rural users, many of whom are currently stuck on sluggish ADSL (with a few thousand still lumped with dial-up internet). When it comes to…

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