Why free Wi-Fi will keep your customers coming back.

As more and more phones and laptops are now WiFi enabled, so increasingly your customers expect Open Internet Access everywhere.

Successful businesses are realising our desire to be constantly connected and there are many new ways to integrate wireless options into your marketing strategies. Restaurants, coffee shops, waiting rooms and public transport systems increasingly offer WIFI hotspot services, benefitting from an increased flow of satisfied customers.

But should your customers pay for their wireless connectivity or should this be available free? Why should you offer free WiFi to your customers?

By offering free WiFi you will be offering them an additional service and an additional reason to come into your establishment. New customers will be attracted to your business because of the free WiFi available and will feel obliged to spend money with you in order to use it, often spending more money as they will stay longer to use the service.

Although many of the companies that offer WiFi are food and drinks retailers, this strategy can succeed in other types of businesses as well. Businesses are likely to find an increased customer base through repeat clients who are satisfied with not only good service but also the means to continue working away from the office, and keeping themselves entertained. If you have any form of customer waiting area you could benefit from offering free Wi-Fi.

According to FreeHotSpot.com, a survey of more than 1,000 European WiFi users indicated that 96% would return to an establishment that offered free WiFi service. About half of the users come to the location in the first place because it offers free WiFi. As WiFi becomes a given, consumers are likely to come to get the free Internet connection with  those businesses that do not offer it finding themselves losing out.

Why Rural Broadband HotSpots?

Our HotSpot service allows users free access in return for their email address and/or mobile phone number. At the end of each month we pass that information back to the business owner which can be used in a whole range of marketing activities, benefitting the business and not the service provider. Other larger providers keep that information for their own marketing activities which do not directly benefit the businesses concerned.