Our favourite way of boosting WiFi around you home or small business comes from Tenda.

The Nova MW6 with true Mesh technology, comes as a basic set of three units cover home up to 6,000 sq.ft with strong Wi-Fi signals. We can also supply individual extra units. Three units is enough for a standard 3/4 bedroom house.

We can also offer the smaller MW3 set. These still comprise of 3 units and are great in a bungalow. Their benefit over power line is that they fill your home with WiFi so you can move around freely on the same network.

Key benefits for Tenda MW6 and MW3

Seamless Roaming

The units have a seamless roaming feature to allow you to go from room to room without losing connection and creating a lag free experience.

Remote Management

The Tenda Wi-Fi App allows you to manage the units remotely and configure features such as user access and parental controls.

Why not visit us for a demonstration, or for more information call 01485 572253