Whole Home Wi-Fi

Whole Home WiFi from Rural Broadband

Easy to set up a reliable wifi service
Good range, great speed
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What is it?
After years of living in the shadows, suffering the merciless bullying of disgruntled internet users, the humble wireless router is at last fighting back.

Whole Home Wi-Fi is in the vanguard.

It’s part of a new wave of multi-box wireless “mesh” systems that are aiming to forever banish dead spots and blanket your home with strong, solid Wi-Fi.

The concept is a pretty simple one. By spreading the wireless signal around the home using not a single router, but many, you get a strong signal everywhere.

And because these systems are built with ease of use in mind by one manufacturer, they’re easy to maintain.

While it’s certainly possible (and much cheaper) to use wireless repeaters to extend the reach of your network, the improved range they offer typically comes at the expense of simplicity of setup and performance.

Rural Broadband Offer a few variations of these. Please ask if you have poor wifi coverage of your home.