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Some tools you may find useful

Coverage checkers are a simplified view of predicted coverage in a given area.

They should therefore be used as a guide only and not a guarantee of actual signal coverage.

It is also important to note that operators display some information differently. For example, some coverage checkers show results for indoor and outdoor coverage, while some only show outdoor coverage.

As well as using these checkers, you can also ask friends and family in your area how they find the signal strength of the various networks.

Rural Broadband will also be able to assist to the best of our knowledge.

Satellite Broadband

Please note: this tool is only available when you are online via your satellite terminal, you won’t get access if you browse the links via any other internet connection.

Satellite Broadband checker

Maximising your mobile coverage

Download this useful PDF on mobile coverage from Ofcom.

Mobile Network Coverage Checkers