WiFi for Events and Hire on 4G or Satellite

If you’re planning an event, let Rural Broadband provide you with a tailored service to hire our equipment for satellite broadband. We work nationwide to offer long and short term solutions, wireless or wired, with detailed information on how the service can benefit you.

You may need WiFi for your entry gate ticket scanners?

How will your Traders take money on a PDQ at your Christmas Market if the local mobile signal is poor?

You need WiFi before the event starts until after it ends? No Problem.

Broadband to suit every need

We have extensive experience in offering Satellite Broadband at festivals, press launches, exhibitions, road shows, film crews on the move, disaster recovery, and corporate events; all of which can benefit from our Satellite service.

If high speed internet is required at your event, our hire system is right for you. No telephone lines needed, easily installed and moved. All you need is a power supply.

As little or as long as you require:

Systems can be made available on a short-term basis from as little as one day, or for as long as the occasion requires, with an additional option to have an engineer on site with you for the duration of your event.

Whatever your needs, just give us a call to talk through your exact requirements. We will be happy to help.