Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy

The fair use policy (FUP) has been defined to enable a high quality internet access service via satellite with a consistent customer experience at any acceptable price. The implementation determines the management of Satellite Broadband Services to prevent an unfair and unacceptable use of the network. You are subject to the FUP during the lifetime of this Agreement.


For Avanti (RBTA) users the Fair Usage Policy is as followed:


Each Service has a monthly data allowance in Gigabytes (“GB”). This is the total combined download and upload data consumed by all devices connected to the satellite modem.

The Avanti service may gradually reduce the max up to download and/or upload speed in steps corresponding to every 20% utilisation of the monthly inclusive GB by the Customer. If the Customer exceeds the Monthly data limit their Service speed is further reduced to a headline speed of 64 kbps download and 32 kbps upload for the remainder of the Monthly data cycle.

Volume Boosters are available to purchase. The Service speed reduction ceases upon the purchase of Volume Booster(s) for the Service, until the Volume Booster balance has been consumed, expires, or a new monthly data cycle begins. Volume Boosters expire after a period of 30 days once purchased.


For Tooway (RBT) users the Fair Usage Policy is as followed:

At all times, systems will be in place to measure the volume of inbound and outbound data generated by your Tooway terminal(s). The generated volume measured over certain defined time periods. This data volume is compared with the data thresholds defined in the FUP and the customers chosen monthly data allowance. If the threshold has been reached, the speed of your Satellite Broadband Service will automatically be reduced or restricted (sometimes referred to as “Throttling”), either in upload, download or both directions. These restrictions will be automatically removed once you buy sufficient Volume Booster Tokens to cover your extra usage over your chosen data allowance, or a new month’s data allowance is credited to your airtime account.

The thresholds for the applications of speed restrictions to your Satellite Broadband Service will depend on the level of Service ordered by you. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully aware of the relevant thresholds within the FUP for your chosen service level.

FUP policies and restrictions are governed and controlled solely by the Satellite Operator and Rural Computing Ltd cannot be held accountable for restrictions applied to your Services due to over usage against service level requested. The customer cannot hold Rural Computing Ltd accountable for changes in the threshold limits applied to each service level by the platform operator.

We reserve the right to amend the FUP from time to time, where we judge, in our sole reasonable opinion that such changes will be to the benefit of our customers as a whole.

In certain circumstances, we will provide the opportunity for you to purchase additional bandwidth (sometimes referred to as Volume Boosters, Tokens or Booster Tokens) at the rate of £15.00/1GB.

Alternatively, you may upgrade your Service to a higher level, if available. If you do, your data consumption in the previous airtime month will still be included in the data calculations (pro-rata) for the first month of your new upgraded service (i.e. your data account doesn’t reset to zero at the beginning of the first month of any upgraded tariff). There is no specific Charge to upgrade your Service Level, only the new level of Monthly (or Periodic) Service Charge.