Emergency Fast Deployment Communications Trailer

Now Available To Hire from Rural Broadband in Norfolk.

The trailer features the satellite and 4G systems with WiFi, It is compact, economical, powerful systems in a unit that is towable by vehicles of any kind.

Satellite is deployable in less than 3 minutes and the unit can be run off internal batteries for 50 hours without recharging the batteries (main charger can be used for full time running)

Our trailer provides satellite and wireless communications backup when emergency services and agencies, councils and communities that need to set up temporary command and communications centres It can also be used in areas where cable damage as occurred or in cabin offices or temporary construction sites.

The unit is fully fitted with a multi network switch for multi channel WiFi at 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz or wired network.

The Rural Broadband trailer is a self contained and flexible mobile unit that can deliver high bandwidth capability, in any location, via an auto- set up Ka satellite system. 22 Mbits down 6 Mbits up

Towable by any vehicle with a standard ball hitch, and quickly set up, our trailer allows mobile satellite broadband and wireless communications to be taken into sites not easily reached by larger mobile command vehicles.

Being based on a trailer rather than a van fitted, frees up the vehicles, essential during large-scale, wide area multi-site and multi-agency emergencies.

Trailer is a self-contained versatile, resilient unit delivering high bandwidth capability via an auto-seeking satellite system, multi-network, and 4G-failover unit.