Four construction workers standing in front of car on construction site

Struggling to get a good internet connection on site?

Many construction companies struggle to have a good internet connection on their construction sites. Waiting for a fibre or DSL cable can take up to 3 months, while the duration times of construction sites is getting shorter and shorter. Construction sites with durations of 3 to 6 months are happening now more frequently. It is also no exception that on Friday it is decided to start a new construction site on Monday. In the modern construction world there is just no time to wait 3 months until BT or Virgin are ready.

Good news: we have a solution that will change the IT in the construction market!!

With our Rural Broadband packages you have a very good internet solution on your construction site within 48h. No more delays, instant good internet on site!

Looking for a stable internet connection?

One of our customers had some construction sites where he could not get any connection at all. With our 4G solution, we were delivering downstream bitrates up to 25 Mbps and upstream bitrates up to 11 Mbps. This customer had problems to have decent internet connections on site, it decided to roll out our solutions for all their sites! Now the IT manager doesn’t need to think anymore which broadband company could work and how long it would take for installation. He just ring Rural Broadband and what they require is installed in a managed way.

In another case, a site leader was suffering from highly unstable internet. It could work fine for half a day, but then again no connectivity for a couple of hours, not knowing how and when it would happen. After our satellite business broadband installation the connection never went down anymore! The site boss was really, really happy…

Range of 4G Solutions!

From another customer, the site leader was having a  unstable internet connection, but it took him more then a minute to open up a plan from the server. This was very frustrating. After our installation, he just had to click to view this plan. One more happy customer!

Solutions via 4G or satellite broadband that work for you are available right now.

We can offer sim connections on EE, Vodafone and O2, on 30 day rolling contracts.
Also large data on the Three (‘3’) mobile network.

New for 2019, we can now bond routers using our SDWAN services to give you even faster speeds and remote failover.

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