What do Homeplugs do?

What do Homeplugs do? Homeplugs basically send internet down your mains. They take an ethernet connection (LAN) from the router into the back of one home plug unit, then you plug it into a wall socket. You then plug another homeplug into another wall socket and take an ethernet cable from that into your Computer or

Tenda Home Wi-Fi Review

New Tenda Nova Whole Home WiFi Review. Available from RuralBroadband.co.uk on 01485 572253 Can be self installed or Rural Broadband can install for you. The system consists of three identical units, one of which you connect to your cable or fibre modem via an ethernet cable (supplied) you then configure this unit via the app

Extending Your Wifi To The Garden Office

home garden office comes in. The garden office is generally formed by converting a summerhouse, garage or shed into the home-office. Often the home-office doubles up as the ‘man-cave’ for weekend entertaining and we all know that the first question guests ask these days is ‘What is your WiFi code?’!! So, what do you do