Whats involved in the setup of the 4G Internet Service From Rural Broadband?

The standard setup of our 4G equipment consists of a 4G router with WiFi and 4 network ports, plus an external antenna.
Our external antenna has 5m of cable attached. 

You could get the system installed for free if you qualify for the BDUK Better Broadband Scheme.

To apply please follow the link below

BDUK Better Broadband Application

4G Business


£25 per Month - 24 Month Contract
4G Business


£55 per Month - 24 Month Contract
4G Business

EE 120GB

£80 per Month - 24 Month Contract


All our 4G packages have either a minimum 12 month (for Vodafone and O2) or 18/24 month (for EE) contract length, but once that's completed, the equipment is yours to keep, no matter whether you choose to extend your service or not. **

** Please note that, if you have made use of a government subsidy scheme to get set up on our service, you will NOT own the equipment provided.
This is because you personally won't have paid for it - the capital cost of the equipment provided in order for you to be able to receive the service will have been fully funded by government grant. Therefore, if you move out from the premises, you will be obliged to leave the equipment behind for the next occupier.

Rural Broadband do still offer satellite services for those not in a 4G area and have been installing satellite broadband from SES and Tooway since 2009 and are specialists in the field. Installing all over the UK. Please ask for your pricing.

Where 4G is available we prefer it due to lower latency than satellite broadband can offer.

We can offer you static IP address connections via EE and Vodafone on mobile sim cards, just ask for pricing.

If you have your BDUK Voucher this will entitle you to have our 4G equipment activated and installed for free.
(Call Us on 01485 572253 and we will help check and confirm you are in a good 4G area)

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