BDUK Satellite Broadband – Better Broadband Scheme

Satellite broadband is different

Satellite broadband does have its differences – as you’d expect from a technology which reaches properties that traditional networks simply can’t. But it’s available anywhere and almost immediately – it’s entirely up to you. Here’s what you need to know about what’s different with a satellite broadband service.

Data allowances

First off, unlike most terrestrial services, it’s commercially impossible for satellite broadband to be a truly unlimited service. In terms of data, our SES range of monthly accounts each offers a fixed data allowance each month, split between a download allowance and an upload allowance.

So the service works in much the same way as a Pay As You Go mobile phone account with its fixed amount of monthly minutes… once you’ve used up the download or upload data allowance within your chosen monthly account type, your account’s blocked until either the next month, or until you buy a data top-up. The good news is that, to make things as cost-effective as possible, data top-ups are available to buy 1GB at a time, so you can purchase exactly what you need and no more.

Separate monthly download and upload allowances

The overall data allowance on each of our monthly packages is split between a separate download and upload amount. This is skewed 80%+ in favour of download, because the vast majority of people look to source far more data from the Internet compared to sending information up to the Internet. For example, our most popular 20M20 GEN4 package offers an overall monthly total of 20GB of data, split between 17.0GB of download allowance and 3.4GB of upload allowance. Very similar ratios apply to all our other monthly packages.