How does 4G work?

Simply: Our 4G internet services use the same masts as your mobile phone. However we can get 4G signals where your phone fails as we use an external antenna that brings the outside 4G signal into your home or business and into our router. The router then gives off WiFi to you computers, phones and

4G LTE Business Internet Solutions

Fast reliable broadband is critical to many businesses and home workers, but for those located in rural locations it isn’t always the easiest obstacle to overcome. Gaps (or “white spots”) in the wired network across Britain, though shrinking, are still in existence. Add to this that there are also a number of wired areas which

Why go Tooway Pro? (Business services)

You may wonder if you should be on standard Tooway satellite packages or the Tooway Business package. Tooway Business plans have a higher priority access on the tooway network which can help in situations where congestion is causing slower speeds. The Business plans do not have a fair access policy like the home packages do.

Rural Broadband | EE Business Partner

Rural Broadband from Heacham, is now an Authorised Stockist of all EE Business mobile products and services. We can supply SIMs for your mobile phone and mobile broadband services for your business. Small business and Corporate. This gives us access to all business and corporate tariffs for iPhone, Android phones, as well as mobile broadband hardware,

Data Saving on your Connection

Google recently added another way to reduce your PC’s bandwidth demands when you’re on any connection, where every megabyte counts, such as metered satellite. Chrome users can now add a new extension called Data Saver  from the Chrome Web Store that compresses web pages on Google servers before delivering them to your PC, a feature that

How much internet data do you need?

At we often get asked about how much data certain services use. This is a cost control measure with currently data packages on mobile and satellite contracts. This handy table shows how much data some standard online activities use (per user) These figures are only rough estimates – your actual usage is likely be

Enjoyable Wayland Show

We exhibited for the first time at Wayland Show this week, along with Farmwatch Limited. For both companies it was the first time we had attended to exhibit. Rural Broadband were there to demonstrate satellite broadband and explain to the visitors about the BDUK satellite broadband voucher scheme. More information is available here. Farmwatch demonstrated