What is 4G Broadband?

4G is supplied through mobile masts dotted throughout the UK. Similar to how your smartphone works, our 4G router can pick-up these signals and turn them into a reliable broadband source. 4G is now becoming a more popular source of broadband, reaching average speeds of 20Mbps using one of the available networks. Here at Rural Broadband we work with the major mobile networks to be able to provide the fastest and most reliable service.

If your 4G signal is weak we can provide an External Antenna in order to bring a stronger signal down to your 4G router. External Antenna’s are not always required, however, under the Broadband Delivery UK Scheme, they must be installed by our Professional Engineers.

Data Usage:

All 4G Broadband Packages are limited by a monthly data-limit, please be aware of this before signing any agreements.

With all of our 4G Packages, once you hit your Monthly limit, you will be blocked until the next month resets your allowance, or a data add-on is purchased.

Here are some of the most common uses of the internet and roughly what can be used. Please use this as only a rough guide.