New Tenda Nova Whole Home WiFi Review.
Available from on 01485 572253
Can be self installed or Rural Broadband can install for you.

The system consists of three identical units, one of which you connect to your cable or fibre modem via an ethernet cable (supplied) you then configure this unit via the app to get it online (at this point I couldn’t resist testing the wifi signal and it already blew away the original ISP supplied router in terms of coverage)
Once the first node is online you simply place the other two nodes in strategic points around the house, they connect back to the first node via wifi and to have a mesh network.
I have checked signal strength throughout the house and I get full signal pretty much everywhere (not the biggest house but a tricky shape with lots of internal walls and awkward corners), the signal also hands over pretty much seamlessly between nodes, I have tried a Skype video call and you can move from one end of the house to the other with no drop outs.
The old system of a router and a booster to fill the dead spots feels really agricultural compared to this system, devices never wanted to handover to the stronger signal, instead hanging on to the first signal they connected to, very frustrating.
The free Tenda app allows management of the system including set up of a guest network and blacklisting of devices, grouping of devices and timed access for parental control.
So far I am completely happy with the purchase and I have had zero complaints about wifi from the kids which I take as a huge thumbs up.

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