BDUK Better Broadband subsidy scheme across Norfolk.

Rural Broadband are Norfolk based BDUK Better Broadband subsidy voucher scheme partners.

The UK Government is committed to giving access to 2Mbps download speed to every premise in the UK. As part of this commitment Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) are delivering a better broadband subsidy scheme through a number of UK Local Bodies.

This scheme will help with a contribution towards the equipment and installation of a satellite broadband connection or 4G data connection.

For further details please visit the following BDUK website below or call Us 01485 572253.

We can also provide 4G equipment as part of the scheme for use where 4G is available or if you require a lower latency than satellite broadband can offer. Please call us on 01485 572253 to see if you have 4G in your area.

Just looking for temporary internet?

Rural Broadband have been installing satellite broadband from SES and Tooway since 2009 and are specialists in the field. Installing all over the UK including temporary internet at a number of well known events. Call now for 2017 pricing for event internet.

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