Machine to Machine (M2M) is a broad term which refers to devices communicating with each other to share information without human intervention.

For example, M2M could play a vital role in retail. If a fridge is experiencing technical issues there is the possibility it could stop working, causing the food in it to spoil. This would cost the company, to replace the merchandise, as well as the cost of fixing or replacing the faulty equipment. There is also the time involved in trying to find and resolve the issue, affecting productivity and efficiency. Through using M2M, this problem could be avoided entirely. When the machine starts to experience problems, the diagnostics software can automatically find the problem, send a warning to a member of staff, schedule an engineer and order the part which is required; all with no human intervention – solving the problem before there is one.

Machine to Machine can be used in any sector, solving a variety of issues, such as warehouse management; remote control; robotics; traffic control; logistics; supply chain management and fleet management. Whilst being versatile, M2M largely provides the same benefits to all industries in which it is used:

Higher productivity and lower down time
Decreased costs
Usage monitoring
Data collection
The ability to issue automatic and remote commands
Machine to Machine already plays a significant role in the working environment, carrying out many processes that humans do not consider or don’t have time for. As M2M becomes a more integral part of working life it’s practical applications will only increase and the benefits associated with it will continually grow, as people become increasingly innovative and creative with the technology.

Rural Broadband has a number of M2M products and we’d be more than happy to discuss these and bespoke solutions, so if you feel that implementing Machine to Machine technology could benefit you call us on 01485 572253

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