home garden office comes in. The garden office is generally formed by converting a summerhouse, garage or shed into the home-office. Often the home-office doubles up as the ‘man-cave’ for weekend entertaining and we all know that the first question guests ask these days is ‘What is your WiFi code?’!!

So, what do you do when the wireless connection from the home router just doesn’t reach the outbuilding?
RuralBroadband.co.uk have a number of options to solve this problem, assuming you have power to the garden office! The first, a very simple solution, would be to look at Home Plug. This is a system where you send the internet signal along the mains. For this to work, the outbuilding needs to be on the same mains supply as the home router. A simple Home Plug point-to-point link allowing WiFi in the home office will cost around £60.

If Home Plug is not a practical option, and there may be many reasons for that including mains interference, distance etc., then our second suggestion would be that you consider a WiFi ‘bridge’ from the home to the garden office.

We can help and attach a pair of outdoor WiFi access points, one on the home and the other on the office.

This will be a separate WiFi connection to that which is in the home so there will be no crossover or interference there.

The WiFi ‘bridge’ is very simple to install. If the router in your home is not in a practical place to connect up to the outdoor bridging unit then Home Plugs are ideal for creating this connection.

We usually power the units over the ethernet cable, making it simple to power the units: basically you power the outdoor units from the router inside the house and the router/access point inside the garden office. The only extra thing you will need to consider is the length of cable to suit your requirements.

We use this type of installation for a number of different scenarios:

Are you looking to get WiFi to the summer house/shed at the bottom of the garden?

Do you have a barn on your farm where you want to hook up some IP cameras to keep an eye on stock?

Do you work from home with a garage/shed office separate from the main home so you need to hook up your computer and a VoIP phone?

Is your business expanding and you now have portable buildings on site with workers that require network access?

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