Fast reliable broadband is critical to many businesses and home workers, but for those located in rural locations it isn’t always the easiest obstacle to overcome. Gaps (or “white spots”) in the wired network across Britain, though shrinking, are still in existence. Add to this that there are also a number of wired areas which fail to deliver high speeds (“not spots”), and it’s easy to see why those located in rural areas face connectivity issues.

For individual businesses it’s also highly costly, and therefore often inefficient, to invest in the necessary wired infrastructure that will help combat these issues. Yet, the issues also go bigger than the individual business, as if rural communities are to thrive overall, with strong businesses and connected homes for remote workers and home businesses, then fast and reliable connectivity is a must.

As a result many rural locations are instead turning to the deployment of wireless networks which use mobile connectivity such as 3G and 4G LTE. These wireless technologies are fast being deployed to narrow the digital divide between urban and rural businesses and industry, as well as being leveraged for homes. Wireless installations are also much faster, simpler and more cost effective than wired network installations, meaning connectivity issues can be solved quickly and efficiently.

Rural Broadband are well experienced in the deployment of 3G and 4G LTE connectivity solutions. We can help you specify the right rural broadband solution to suit your business requirements and enable fast connectivity in some of even the most remote locations.

Our partnership with EE and Vodafone means that we can provide you connectivity for Farm, Office or Construction site all over the UK.

If 4G is not yet available in your area our business Tooway and SES satellite services are available to all in the UK.

Give us a call on 01485 572253 to find out more.

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