Back-up 4G wireless Internet Connection – a lifeline to keep your business always online


 Why do I need a back-up 4G wireless Internet service?

Few people would argue that keeping your business online is vitally important in this day and age. The Internet is now on a par with cash, power and light; becoming one of the fundamental resources a business needs to survive. Shut it down, even for a few hours, and the wheels of commerce grind to a halt.

For this reason, it is wise to consider an alternative connectivity option that can keep staff online in the event of a sustained period of ‘down time’ to your main Internet services. Furthermore, it is vitally important such an alternative option is delivered over a completely different transport medium to the FTTC or copper line services that most business rely as their main access to the Internet.

Why is 4G a good alternative and how can I get my office hooked up?

3G and 4G Internet access is now very wide-spread across conurbations and suburban areas. Even some rural areas now receive very acceptable data services from mobile operators. It is the same high-speed service used by your smartphone to access the Internet for email, apps and multi-media services when we are not within range of our Wi-Fi network. We simply delivery a mobile data service via a special router to that is able to ‘fail over’ your Internet Access in an instant to a mobile broadband service, should the need arise.

My Internet access is very reliable, so when would I need this?

If you have never been affected by a prolonged ‘outage’ (the industry term for a loss of service) then you have been very lucky. Many businesses have been affected by damage to infrastructure or service provider network problems, that have left them without service for hours and sometimes days on end. We have seen an upsurge in recent years of extensive periods of affected service for our customers caused by extreme weather and, more commonly, faults in the UK internet cabling infrastructure that has become more and more under pressure from high-demand. Just as recently as mid-July 2016, when temperatures hit 30c, BT’s network was affected over two days disrupting service for many thousands of subscribers.

How do I get Back-up 4G wireless Internet?

It is very simple. We upgrade your existing router with a device that has a built-in mobile radio and external antenna together with a SIM card activated with a 4G-capable data service. We work with you to get the best network for your area.


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