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How do I check for 4G coverage in my area?

Rural Broadband offer 4G services backed by EE, O2 and Vodafone. You can quickly check yourself to see if your location is covered by the networks by clicking:- Here for EE Here for Vodafone Here for O2 Just enter your postcode on each webpage – and don’t forget to select 4G coverage! You’ll be told…

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4G Your next day better broadband connection from Rural Broadband

Are you looking for a reliable connectivity solution? Need it now? Is it a short-term solution? A long-term solution? Rural Broadband can have your EE or Vodafone 4G connection up and running the next Business Day with a contract length to suit from 30 day minimum. With average download speeds now exceeding 20Mb per second, 4G is in…

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4G LTE Business Internet Solutions

Fast reliable broadband is critical to many businesses and home workers, but for those located in rural locations it isn’t always the easiest obstacle to overcome. Gaps (or “white spots”) in the wired network across Britain, though shrinking, are still in existence. Add to this that there are also a number of wired areas which…

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