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Satellite FAQs

Satellite FAQs

Can I watch online TV?

Yes, you can watch almost anything on Satellite Broadband, whether it being Neflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, BT Sport, etc. Please be aware that streaming online video can use a lot of data. If you ever exceed your data limit, your service can be upgraded or volume boosters can be added.


Does the weather affect the service I receive?

Weather rarely affects your dish. Electrical storms and heavy fall of snow and rain can affect the service, whether it being locally in your area or at the main Tooway hub in Turin, Italy. However, this only happens a few times in a year.


Can I play online gaming?

This is one type of use which can be difficult of Satellite Broadband. Unlike Fibre broadband, there is a high latency delay of 600 – 900ms. This can mainly affect reaction games. But don’t let this affect you, the delay has very little affect when using it for day to day use, such as streaming, emails and web browsing.


Can I run my CCTV through the Satellite?

This may require you to have a Static IP address, which is exactly what the service provides. Tooway Business offers you a Static IP address based in the UK.


Does it use a telephone line?

No, our services do not use a telephone line. The service is directly through a Satellite Dish.


Which direction does the Dish point?

The Satellite Dish point towards the south, so we need a clear line of sight to the southern facing sky.


If you have any other questions, please contact us on 01485 572253 or email us at sales@ruralbroadband.co.uk