Control your Netflix data (from Netflix)

How can I control how much data Netflix uses? Watching TV shows or movies on Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video. Downloading and streaming consume a similar amount of data. If you…

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Slow Internet At YOUR Postcode?

BDUK Better Broadband subsidy scheme across Norfolk. Rural Broadband are Norfolk based BDUK Better Broadband subsidy voucher scheme partners. The UK Government is committed to giving access to 2Mbps download speed to every premise in the UK. As part of this commitment Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) are delivering a better broadband subsidy scheme through a…

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What do Homeplugs do?

Homeplug Graphic

What do Homeplugs do? Homeplugs basically send internet down your mains. They take an ethernet connection (LAN) from the router into the back of one home plug unit, then you plug it into a wall socket. You then plug another homeplug into another wall socket and take an ethernet cable from that into your Computer…

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Watch out for the Data Hog!

Watch out for data being moved in the background It’s common for users used to a traditional unlimited internet service (however slow) to be blissfully unaware of how much data they’re actually consuming – these days, any connected device tends to move quite a lot of data in the background, a process which would go entirely…

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Enjoyable Wayland Show

We exhibited for the first time at Wayland Show this week, along with Farmwatch Limited. For both companies it was the first time we had attended to exhibit. Rural Broadband were there to demonstrate satellite broadband and explain to the visitors about the BDUK satellite broadband voucher scheme. More information is available here. Farmwatch demonstrated…

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What is Latency?

Getting used to latency You also need to be aware of a possible apparent “slowness to respond” with any satellite internet service – or latency, as it’s technically called. This is something that is inevitable with all current satellite broadband technology – and is the result of any internet request being made then answered having…

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How much internet data do you need?

At we often get asked about how much data certain services use. This is a cost control measure with currently data packages on mobile and satellite contracts. This handy table shows how much data some standard online activities use (per user) These figures are only rough estimates – your actual usage is likely be…

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Emergency Fast Deployment Communications Trailer

Emergency Broadband Trailer

Now Available To Hire from Rural Broadband in Norfolk. The trailer features the satellite and 4G systems with WiFi, It is compact, economical, powerful systems in a unit that is towable by vehicles of any kind. Satellite is deployable in less than 3 minutes and the unit can be run off internal batteries for 50…

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