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Are you patiently waiting for high speed broadband to reach your door, are you tired of slow, unreliable online connections?

With satellite broadband you can you get faster access online wherever you are and we have a package to  suit you.

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3G and 4G cellular broadband has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for broadband on the move or for broadband in areas not yet covered by regular broadband services, everything you need to get started is available in our  shop, just follow the link below.



Our Wi-Fi hotspot solutions are ideal for holiday park, pubs, restaurants, cafes and even on coaches. Using simple software controls you can manage individual usage, or gather information from your customers when they login to use the Wi-Fi you're providing.

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We also take Wi-Fi hotspots a litle further covering events and festivals around the UK, our mobile satellite installations can be set up anywhere you like as long as there is power laid on. Free Wi-Fi at you're event means that you, your visitors and your performers will keep connected.

For more information call Rural Broadband on 01485 572253.

Tooway, high speed...

...internet really is everywhere !  

Offering high-speed Internet access via satellite throughout the UK, including areas not served by land networks, such as ADSL, highly reliable, high quality, safe and avaialable access. Tooway is a high speed internet access consumer solution. All you need is a satellite dish and a modem connected to the computer to be connected to the web via Tooway. Tooway transmits and receives with just the same power as a mobile phone (2W) and is located outside the house.


The first European satellite from Tooway, designed exclusively for the Internet.

The advantages:

  • When the Ka-band frequency is combined with multi-spot technology, the satellite’s total capacity is 30 times higher than traditional satellites.
  • Ka band is much more concentrated, transmitting a more concentrated flow of information through narrower beams.
  • The number of connections (or subscriptions) is increased in a single satellite and the price to the end user is significantly reduced.
  • With Tooway satellite broadband you can work faster online, shop, play online games and stream the latest blockbuster movies.

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